Nijagal Betta Trek

Nijagal betta trek is one of the most beautiful and easy treks around Bangalore. From the outside, this hill fort looks very ordinary. But once you begin to explore the hill, you will be surprised to find out what treasure it hides inside. Within these fort walls, you shall find caves, temples, Dargahs (A shrine or tomb built over the grave of saint, often a Sufi saint), ponds and ruins of an ancient settlement.

The fort is believed to have been built by Chikkadevaraja Wodeyar in the 17th century. Nijagal fort is famous for the epic battle that took place between Hyder Ali and Peshwa Madhavrao.

Since Niajagal betta houses an active temple and two Dargahs, there are usually priests and devotees visiting this place. If you are a beginner or want to do an easy half-day trek with your family and friends, this is an ideal destination for you.  So, let’s get you started. 

Basic Information

Altitude: 1000m (3280 ft)

Location: Dobbaspet, Tumakuru Distrcit (60 KM from Bangalore)

State/Country: Karnataka / India

Total Distance: 4 KM (Return)

Time Taken: 1 Hour (Climb)

Difficulty Level: Easy

Best Time to Trek

Nijagal betta is open year-round. And it is always a good time to trek here. There is no such specific time to do this trek. Post-monsoon is a good time to view the lush green surroundings. You can also trek here during the monsoon, as the trek is not dangerous. 

Trekking Gears Required


As mentioned earlier, Nijagal betta trek is a very easy trek. But even then, make sure to carry enough water. You can trek here without a trekking shoe but it is always good to have one. Apart from that, you can carry some food if needed. However, there are some restaurants by the main road as well. 

How to reach Nijagal Betta?

Nijagal betta is located 4km from the town of Dabbaspet/ Dobbaspet. From Bangalore, take NH 48 that leads to Tumakuru. At around around 4km from Dobbaspet, you will find a Kamat hotel on your left. Across the divider, there is a Reliance petrol bunk and another Kamat hotel. By now, you will also see the Nijagal betta on your left. Between the highway and the hill, runs the railway track. You will also see an underpass on your left, usually filled with water. You will have to park your car there. If you are on a bike, then you can take the underpass and ride all the way till the base of the hill. 

If you plan to reach there by bus, then take any bus that goes to Tumakuru, of which there are many that start from Majestic bus stand. Check with the driver, if he can stop near the hill. If not, then get-off at Dobbaspet and hire an auto-rickshaw or hitchhike. 

The Trail

The trail is straightforward. As soon as you cross the railway track, you will find the trail leading to the base of the hill. The first stretch leads you through the jungle and up the hill till the fort gates. The climb is gradual and the views are enjoyable. 

As you enter the the first level of the fort you are welcomed by some amazing sights. There is an Anjanaya temple, a Dargah, a pond and some ancient temples in ruins. The ancient structures hint at a settlement that existed here hundreds of years ago. 

You can either explore this level first or return to it during descent. You then continue your journey and take a fleet of stairs leading you to the next level. Here, you will find Nijagal Siddara cave temple. Explore the temple and the cave formations. Behind the temple is a Dargah

Go around the temple and reach the entrance of Dargah. Climb up the rock on the left of the Dargah. It will lead you to the summit. The balancing rocks create an arena. On the other side of the hill is a beautiful cave that overlooks the Shivagange hill. 

Other Places to Visit

You can visit the town of Tumakuru which has some good restaurants. Shop at the busy MG road in Tumakuru. If you want to convert this into a full day trip, you can visit Mandaragiri

My Experience 

I have trekked Nijagal betta twice. It is always a delight to be here as every time, I end up exploring something new. My favorite place in the hill is its summit. The balancing rocks that stand likes walls to a flat summit, gives me an impression of an open-air theatre. I also like the huge cave at the summit, formed by the heavy boulders. The cave gives a spectacular view of Shivagange hill at a distance. You can follow my video to see how to get there. 

My Film on Nijagal Betta Trek


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