Hong Kong New Year Countdown and Fireworks

Spending New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong can truly be a rewarding experience.Watching the Hong Kong skyline lit up with spectacular fireworks for more than ten minutes is an experience of a lifetime. Do not let the idea of crowd discourage you from visiting Hong Kong during this time of the year. For all you know, you would be returning back with appreciation for the authorities and the locals for managing this situation so well.On 31st of December 2014, at around 7:30 PM, I walked past the beautifully lit buildings of Hong Kong Island and made my way to the Golden Bauhinia Square. My friend who was then living in Hong Kong had advised me to pick the island side for a better view of the fireworks.  You could also choose to view the fireworks from Kowloon side of the harbour. I packed some food for myself and found myself a good spot, along the promenade. Slowly the crowd began to gather. There is so much happening out there that you will not be bored while waiting for the moment to arrive. You would surely make some new friends while you are waiting there. By midnight, the place was packed. So, to get there and choose a place for yourself as early as possible is very important.The countdown was displayed on a building and the crowd cheered as we approached the moment. And then, there was an outstanding display of fireworks for at least about ten minutes. 

After the show, it was interesting to see how the crowd moved very decently to the metro station. Despite the crowd, they formed themselves in queue while boarding the rail. The authorities too managed the situation very well with guiding the crowd to the stations. If you are able to plan a trip to Hong Kong in December, you cannot afford to miss the Hong Kong New Year countdown and Fireworks. The magnificence of the show will leave you wanting for more. 

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