10 Things To See In Tarragona

Tarragona is a port city located in Catalonia region of Spain. It is situated at around 100km South of Barcelona. As a previous Roman Colony, the city today holds reminiscences of the Roman era. The city is filled with ancient ruins of colossal, amphitheaters, cathedrals and other roman architectures. A visit to Tarragona can be an interesting day trip from Barcelona to plunge into Roman history. With more time in hand, one could choose to relax by the beaches of this pleasant city. So,  here is all you need to know about Tarragona.

How To Get There?

The best way to reach Tarragona from Barcelona is by train. It takes about an hour to reach there. You can obviously drive to the town.

Getting Around

Tarragona is a relatively smaller city. Most of the attractions in Tarragona are located at a walkable distance from city center. Taxi and local trains can used to reach sites out of town. 

Top 10 Things to See 

1. Tarragona Santa Maria Cathedral 

This beautiful Gothic cathedral built in 12th century is undoubtedly the most famous attraction in town. Walk around the complex to witness some of the finest architecture of its time. 

2. Roman amphitheater 

Built by the Romans in 2nd Century by the sea, this amphitheater is one of the main attractions in town. Once upon a time, it staged gladiatorial games. 

3. Rambla Nova 

While visiting any town in Spain you cannot miss the Ramblas. There are nice restaurants and high-end brand stores on either side of this wide boulevard. Sip on a cup of coffee and enjoy the activities on the street.

4. El Balcón Del Mediterraneo 

At The end of Rambla Nova, overlooking the Mediterranean sea and Milagro beach is Balcón del mediterraneo. Have a photo moment at this beautiful terrace overlooking the sea. 

5. Par alta (Old town) 

Walk along the narrow streets of the old town and explore this interesting place filled with  gothic styled houses and beautiful patios. 

6. Acueducto Pont de les Ferreres 

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This ancient bridge built by emperor Augustus, is located 5km north of town. The bridge rises 27 meters above and has 36 arches. 

7. Paseo Arqueológico (Archaeological Walk) 

Take a leisure walk along the ancient Roman walls that once enclosed the entire ancient city.  The walk begins at Puerto del Rosario, an ancient entrance gate. 

8. National Archaeological Museum 

History buffs can ensure to gather more information about the bygone Roman era at the town’s archeological museum. Go here to view the antiquities and findings from the town's archaeological sites such as ancient Roman sculptures, pottery, mosaics, and other artworks. 

9. Roman Forum 

The monument houses the remnants of the center of ancient town of Tarraco. Witness the ruins of what was the central square of the Ancient Roman city of Tarraco. The site is UNESCO listed.

10. Playa del Milagro 

Thanks to the 15km coastline, Tarragona has some amazing beaches. Balcón del Mediterráneo leads you to these peaceful beaches. Playa del Milagro is the main beach right in the center of town.