8 Vietnamese Drinks you must try

Food connects us to the world. Imagine traveling to a country and returning back without having tried any local cuisine. That would be terrible, isn't it? As curious as I am to explore the popular local dishes, I am equally enthusiastic to find out what drink the locals have come up with to beat the summer heat or to enjoy a relaxed evening.  

While traveling in Vietnam, I came across a few interesting Vietnamese drinks that I have never known about before.  If you are planning a trip there soon then here is my pick of 8 drinks you cannot afford to miss. 


1. Cà Phê Dua (Coconut Coffee) 

How about some coffee with a twist? This coffee replaces milk with coconut milk to add a distinctive flavour to it. It is served either hot or cold. I personally like the cold version. They areavaailable at most of the cafés or restaurants. 


2. Cà Phê Trung (Egg Coffee) 

And then, some more twist to the traditional coffee! Egg coffee is something totally new to me. I have never had this before. Milk is replaced with egg white and whisked to get the required texture. It tastes simply amazing. They are available at  most restaurants and cafés. 


3. Cà Phê (Filter Coffee) 

Coffee is available almost everywhere in Vietnam. One of the most interesting things about the flavour here is that it feels less acidic. Coffee is served without milk. You can choose to add some milk or condensed milk per your taste. Make sure to buy one of those coffee filters to fit your cup.


4. Civet Coffee

Civet coffee is popular around the world as the most expensive coffee in the world. If you want to taste it without paying exuberant prices, then make sure to try them at South east Asia. In the coffee plantations of Dalat, you can taste some civet coffee and also take a tour of the plantation and the process. First, the coffee beans are fed to the civets. A special enzyme in its digestive system enriches the taste of the bean before it is excreted out. The excreted bean is then washed and dried in sun before being powdered for use. Yes, taste the most expensive poop available at a reasonable price in Vietnam. 


5. Trà đá (Vietnamese Iced Tea) 

This is one of the most common Vietnamese drinks you can find because it is available literally everywhere. It is a drink often served for free while you are waiting for your food at a restaurant. This brewed Green jasmine tea is severed cold to beat the summer heat of south and central Vietnam.


6. Chè đỗ đen (Black bean sweetened porridge) 

You will often find Vietnamese women selling this drink by the roadside. Take a seat and enjoy this summer drink/dessert whose basic ingredients include black beans, sugar, salt, coconut milk and tapioca.


7. Sùa Ngô - (Corn Milk)

Corn milk is one of the most refreshing Vietnamese drinks I have had. It is light, mild and tasty. It is made of corn kernels, water and milk. Sometimes almonds or coconut is added to enrich the taste. Try it out at ‘Muse corner’ in Dalat. 


8. Sinh Tố  (Fruit Smoothie) 

Smoothies are a lifeline in Vietnam. They are found almost everywhere. You can walk up to a road side stall or a fancy restaurant and enjoy fresh smoothies made from all sorts of fruits. My favourites are the Avocado smoothie and the mango smoothie. You can choose to mix a few fruits to get a blend to suit your taste. 


Next time you are in Vietnam, make sure to enjoy these refreshing and flavourful Vietnamese drinks. If I have missed any of your favourite drinks from Vietnam, then do mention them in the comments section below. 


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