Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek

Ali Bedni Bugyal trek is part of the famous Roopkhund trek that is currently banned. For a beginner to Himalayan treks, Ali Bedni Bugyal trek is perfect. It was my first Himalayan trek too. Bugyal means meadows in Hindi and during the months of September and October, sheep, cows and mules are allowed to graze in these meadows. The shepherds stay here until winter. From Bedni top you get a magnificent view of the surrounding snow-capped mountains. All in all, this is a perfect introduction to the Himalayas before you get addicted to them and explore more. In this post, you will find most of the details related to Ali Bedni Bugyal trek. Feel free to contact me if you need more information. 

Basic Information

Highest altitude: 12500 ft (3810 m)

Location: Chamoli District

State/Country: Uttarakhand, India

Base village: Lohajung

Total Distance: 35 km

Number of Days: 4 Days

Difficulty Level: Easy-Moderate

Experience: Not Required. Beginner level trek. 

Best Time to Trek

You can trek in the Ali Bedni Bugyal any time of the year but it is advisable to avoid the monsoon as it rains heavily here in the month of July, August and part of September. Therefore, I strongly feel that post monsoon - late September and October is the perfect time to visit the meadows. The grass is still green and the sky is mostly clear. If you are lucky, you can see the mill way at night. 


You could also do a winter trek. The entire place would be covered in snow. Spring and summer are good time as well. The landscape would definitely vary per season. 

Plan Your Trek



Picking a good trek organiser solves most of the problems. There are so many organisers offering this package at various prices that it is easy to get confused. Some may be cheaper but the arrangements are pathetic. Here are a few I recommend – 

You can also do Ali Bedni Bugyal trek on your own. In that case, make sure to arrange for the permission. Here are the details - 

1. Get a permit from the Forest department at Lohajung - Carry a Photo ID, a medical fitness certificate from a doctor and two passport size photographs. 

2. You have to carry your tents and sleeping bags.  

3. You have to carry your cooking utensils and grocery as there is no provision on the trail. You can also choose to take someone from the village with you to guide and cook food. 

Buy or Rent the necessary gears

If this is your first trek, then make sure to buy the most important trekking gears. My blog post – List of things to carry on a trek will help you with all that is needed. However, most of the gears can be rented at Lohajung. 

There are shops in Lohajung village that rent out the following – Trekking poles, Jackets, Shoes, Gloves and other winter clothing. If you do not wish to buy everything, you can go there and rent them on per-day basis. You may also find backpacks. 

Book your transport 

Once you have booked your trek by paying an advance fee, you must immediately book your flight tickets to the nearest town. I would recommend that you book your flights at least two months in advance to get a good deal. 

For this trek, you need to reach Rishikesh or Dehradun. Most organisers choose Rishikesha as meeting point. The nearest airport to either of these two locations is Joly Grant airport at Dehradun. You can book a direct flight or take a flight to Delhi and then a train to Dehradun. There are of course direct trains to Dehradun or Rishikesh from many locations in India. 

From Delhi, there are plenty of overnight buses to Dehradun or Rishikesh.

How to reach Dehradun or Rishikesh?

From Dehradun airport to Rishikesh or Dehradun town, you will need to book a taxi. Step out of the airport and you will find a taxi stand on your left. Since most of them are traveling to these two locations, you can share a ride with other passengers. It will work out cheaper. A taxi fare from Airport to Rishikesh or Dehradun will cost you anywhere from Rs800-1000. 

Alternatively, you can walk about 2 km to reach the main road and take a bus to either of the two locations.

Stay in Rishikesh/ Dehradun

There are plenty of stay options at Rishikesh. From hostels to guest houses and hotels there are no dearth of accommodation at Rishikesh. I would recommend you to stay near Laxman jhula or Tapovan. Here are some of my hostel recommendations – 

  • Gostops
  • Skyard
  • Blue jay
  • Hosteller Max
  • Madpackers
  • Zostel

If you are looking for some luxury, do checkout Hotel Shiv resort.


Dehradun does not have many hostels. The only one that is fairly good is – Nomads backpacker hostel. However, there are several budget hotels near Dehradun railway station. 

How to Reach Lohajung?


Lohajung is a small, beautiful mountain village situated in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. It is located at a distance of 257km from Rishikesh. 

Generally, the trek organisers will either book a transport to Lohajung or arrange for one so that trekkers can share a ride and the fare. A taxi fare from Rishkesh to Lohajung is around Rs 7000. The journey will take you about 9 hours. If you have your own vehicle, then you can stop at Rudra Prayag, Karana Prayag and Srinagar on the way. 

If you want to take a bus to Lohajung, then you can stay at Dehradun and board an early morning bus from Dehradhun ISBT at 6AM. It is a 12-hour long journey. You can also break your journey and hop-on to another bus at Karan Prayag, Rudra Prayag or Srinagar. 

Since there are limited direct buses, you can also choose to reach Dewal town by bus. From Dewal there are shared taxis to Lohajung. This ride may cost you around Rs 300. 

I have heard that the Roopkund Paryatan Samiti at Dehradun can also make your bus booking. You can call them and mention your date of journey. 

If you are trekking with a group, your organiser will arrange for the accommodation at Lohajung. But, in case you are trekking alone, then you could stay at Rana lodge. 

The Trail 

Day 01: Kulling (2320 m/7600 ft) to Didna (2480 m/8135 ft) 

Distance: 4 KM (3H)


The day begins with a drive to Kulling village which is located  6km away from Lohajung. The trail to cross the valley and reach Didna, begins at Kulling. The descent is easy. You will be welcomed by streams and waterfalls. After you cross the bridge, it is a steep ascent of 2km. Though the distance is short, the climb can tire you due to the heavy backpacks you are carrying. Most organisers allow you to off-load your backpack if required for an extra cost. 

You will reach Didna village by noon. There are about 50 houses on this plateau. You can take a walk around the village and interact with the humble villagers of Didna. 


Day02: Didna to Ali Bugyal (3350 m/11000 ft)

Distance: 11KM (6-7H)

On your second day, you continue your ascent to Ali Bugyal. This is a long walk and sometimes gets very steep. As you climb higher, the view only get better. The view from Ali top is spectacular. You then descend to your campsite located at Ali bugyal. The place is situated at a perfect location, overlooking Mt Mrigthuni. Enjoy your evening exploring Ali Bugyal and perhaps interacting with he shepherds around. 

Day03: Ali Bugyal -> Bedni top (3800 m / 12500 ft) -> Gairoli Pathal (3200 m/10500 ft)

Distance: 8 KM (6-7H)

Your third day in the mountains can begin very early if you wish. Climb up the nearby hill to watch the sunrise. After breakfast, continue the trek to Bedni Bugyal. You can leave your bags at the base and climb up to Bedni top. The climb is very steep. The view of the snow-capped mountains from here is mesmerising. Back at Bedni Bugyal, have lunch and descend to Gairoli Pathal. The walk is long but the descent is easier. You will camp at the jungle below. 

Day04: Gairoli Pathal to Wan village (2400 m/7874 ft) 

Distance: 12 KM (6H)

The final day comprises of a long walk. You will say goodbye to the mountains and descend to the village of Wan. Stop at Neel Ganga river for lunch. It is a pristine setting out there. The next stretch passes through a few small villages. After that long walk, you end your Ali Bedni Bugyal trek at Wan village.  From here, you drive back to Lohajung. 

My Experience

Ali Bedni Bugyal trek was my maiden Himalayan trek. Being in the meadows and enjoying the magnificent views of the distant snow-capped mountains was totally a surreal moment for me. Mostly considered an easy trek, Ali Bedni Bugyal trek seemed like a good option to begin my Himalayan adventure. 

I trekked with Himalayan trekkers and their arrangements were perfect. Our guides Mr Dev Singh and Mr Bhuwan Bihst were very informative. We were 7 of us in the team. The trek wasn’t very crowded. Apart from us, there were about 2 other small groups. 

I thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Didna. We walked around the village and interacted with the villagers. Ali Bugyal is undoubtedly my favourite location on this trek. The view of Mt Mrigthuni from the campsite is spectacular. 

Bedni top of course gives a spectacular view of the surrounding snow-capped mountains. All in all, this was a perfect introduction to the Himalayas. Someday, I would like to return here and continue my trek to Roopkhund and Homkhund. 

My Film On Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek: 


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